Why Traversity?

This is the personal why. Not the PR business-type version.

A year ago today I wrote an essay about surviving as a Pharmacist in the era of digital disruption Mister, Not Robot. It’s about Pharmacy but really, many of the principles apply to any clinician looking to position themselves to thrive in the age of automation.

If you want to know about our motivations in building Traversity, please read the essay. I hope you will see that I am not a budding entrepreneur looking to make a buck. I am a mid-career Pharmacist who has experienced frustrations and grown disillusioned with the system, but who errs on the side of optimism. I believe there is opportunity for individuals to take action and change the system from the ground up, and I’m looking for the others who also believe this.

If you want to cut straight to the bottom line, here it is:

We need individuals to challenge the status quo. To take action and put themselves out there.

We don’t need permission to do this. But we do need courage to share our ideas and experiences with a generous spirit.