What is Traversity?

Traversity is an experiment.

Our theory is that one of the things getting in the way of delivering more person-centred care is that there isn’t enough connection between care providers. We work in silos, be it professions, institutions, departments or practices. Person-centred care requires us to cross these professional boundaries, but it’s bloody hard work to do so.

What would happen if we built more connections across those boundaries? What if we made it easier to communicate with the ‘others’? What if we started to develop a better understanding of each others professional roles, and challenges? What if we started sharing our ideas and resources more often? What if we put more effort into building supportive professional relationships?

We don’t know, but we thought it might be fun to find out.

This is how we see it (possibly due to an unfulfilled dream of always wanting to be in the music industry) We can provide the venue and the dance floor, but like any good night out the experience will be created by those who get involved. The bands and DJs. The bar staff. The patrons. The cleanliness of the toilets.

The infrastructure we’re offering is the community platform and utility tools (secure messaging and video conference). We are open minded about how people engage with them, so long as it aligns with our mission. We just want to see the silos break down and person-centred care delivered at scale.

At the moment, the community is more like Lauren playing her favourite tunes and seeing which ones get people dancing. It’s kind of like an interactive online newsletter. But the dream is that it becomes more of a festival. Where we can celebrate the depth and breadth of our talented workforce, learn together and support one another. Clearly we need your help for that!

If this sounds like something you care about please join us in making it happen.

Ok, that’s the what. Read this next if you’re wondering about why this came about :point_right:Why Traversity?

Or read this if you would like some more background :point_right Frequently Asked Questions

Or feel free contact us with any questions/thoughts/ideas…email hello@traversity.com.au