Steal Like an Artist

This is an AWESOME little book based on the premise that nothing is original these days, everything is a remix and reimagination of something else. And that’s totally ok, because that’s how we learn and grow and get better.

This is not a book that is just for traditional “creative types”, it’s for anyone who is open to following their curiosity. So I would argue that includes anyone who does any kind of research or provides person-centred care, both are built on creative problem solving and reflective practice which are as much art as science. Research is often described as “standing on the shoulders of giants”, aka stealing like an artist.

This is a book that has to be purchased as a HARD COPY because it’s full of graphic elements. I’m not really sure how it would work on a kindle, and surely it’s not even available in audiobook.

One of the pages that speaks to me at the moment: