Perspectives on telehealth post corona

I thought I’d start a thread to consolidate some of the articles coming out on this topic, building on the topic below.

Many say similar things, considering consumer preference vs regulation vs continuity of care. This one I read today introduces the concept of navigators and talks a bit further about IT literacy. I think knowing how to use IT well is as much a problem for care providers as it is consumers.

Feel free to add any other articles on the topic you find interesting or share your perspective by replying

A perspectives brief from the Deeble Institute

This highlights some of the groups that have benefited from the accessibility that telehealth provides - sexual health (stigma), people living with disability, Indigenous populations and those in rural/remote locations. Interesting comment on the idea that telehealth helps to improve self-determination.

FWIW here are some good resources on what characteristics and standards telehealth solutions should meet:

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The University of Queensland’s Centre for Online Health (COH) analyses the MBS service data and summarisestelehealth uptake throughout Australia, updated on a monthly basis. :point_down: