Managers and Makers

Today I read this short essay about different types of schedules - managers and makers. Managers schedules have their day broken into one hour units of time and can task switch easily, whereas makers have their day broken into bigger chunks, say half days, because it takes more time to get into the task and is hard to rapidly switch focus.

For someone who holds a manager schedule, taking a meeting or a phone call can easily be slotted in. Where as for someone with a maker schedule it has to carefully be considered because there’s an opportunity cost. For example, it could cost them paid work, or it could throw them off mentally. Things can get tricky when people with manager schedules cross paths professionally with those with maker schedules.

This got me thinking about the different types of schedules that we see within healthcare. I don’t think the manager/maker archetype directly translates, but I think it raises some interesting food for thought, especially when it comes to think about how we might be able to work more collaboratively with one another.

What do you think? How do you schedule your day? Is it no big deal for you to grab a coffee with someone or take a speculative meeting, or is it something that needs careful consideration? What sort of opportunity costs are involved for you?