Make Good Art

I’m not really one for ‘inspiration’…quotes, instagram posts, that sort of thing. But I am a fan of impassioned speeches/orations. And this is one of them.

This is Neil Gaiman, genre spanning British author who, incidentally, was recently awarded an honorary doctorate at UniSA. It’s a commencement speech for a graduating class of arts students, but the messages are just as applicable to a healthcare professional wanting to implement a change in practice or deliver better care. Plus, he’s a talented writer so it’s a fun listen.

There are three parts of this that stand out strongly for me. The first is the idea of doing work that you’re proud of. I think as health professionals we’re lucky in that regard. Even on the days that feel most grinding, there’s usually at least a moment where you recognise that you are doing work that is making a positive contribution to the world.

The second is about imposter syndrome. I’ve felt this often, especially over the past 9 years since moving on from a hospital pharmacy department. I feel it now. I think many people do, we just don’t talk about it much…

The third, and probably the biggest, is about getting ok with making mistakes, because it means you’re out there doing something.

What did you think?

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