HealthPathways - Localised clinical resources for specific health conditions

HealthPathways is an online portal that provides general practitioners and other health professionals with easy access to comprehensive, evidence-based assessment, management and localised referral resources for specific health conditions.

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I must admit I’ve been a little disappointed with some of the information on these pathways when I had a look at them once they were available in SA. I’ve been meaning to go back and see if they’ve since improved. For example, the community acquired pneumonia page still had links to New Zealand health services and prescribing policies and the information was quite different to the Therapeutic Guidelines, our go to resource (although I acknowledge the TG is based on expert opinion).

I also wonder about how they go about consulting experts / reviewing literature to provide the most up to date recommendations. Does anyone know how the pathways are developed and maintained?

Thanks for this context @Lisa, and welcome to Traversity! :raised_hands:

I must admit, I haven’t delved into the content. I took it on face value that their consulting process was as it is claimed on the website. Yes, looking at the CAP example the prescribing recommendations are quite different from the TG because they’re based on the NZ CAP HealthPathways guideline. Interesting.

More useful as a information source about general clinical decision support and info about local services than specific prescribing info perhaps?