Getting started in the community

Thanks for checking out our site, we’re excited to have you here!

The first thing to do to get involved in the community is to sign up so that you can access all of the discussion forums, participate in discussions and start your own topics.

We use a platform called Discourse and it can take a bit of time to get used to, but the important this is you can feel free to poke around and explore, you’re not going to break anything.

If you are looking for some ideas…

:iphone: Add Traversity to the home screen of your mobile device. The steps on how to do this are here.

:robot: If you haven’t already, do the @discobot tutorial. It takes you through the general features.

:man: Your Discourse profile is where you can set your preferences for things like emails, notifications etc.

  • To get to your profile…
    :computer_mouse: click on the circle with your initial in the top right corner of the screen
    :computer_mouse: click on your user name
    :computer_mouse: click on preferences :gear:

:open_book: Read some stuff. The Community guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions are good places to start. Then have a look around the site and explore the different categories.

:speech_balloon: Get involved. It can feel awkward participating in an online community, but rest assured that it feels awkward for everyone at first! So start by doing whatever feels comfortable for you. #meet-the-others is a good place to start…

  • If you read something you appreciate, click the heart :heart: (it’s non-romantic, I assure you)
  • Reply to a post - click the reply button while you’re in the topic (( is a good one to introduce yourself)

You’re here because you want to build a more connected health system, so get started!