Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

Our mission is to build a more connected healthcare system so that we can make person-centred care a reality. We want to unite those who share this purpose, regardless of professional identity. Learn together. Support one another. Break down the silos and make good things happen.

Will joining as a member result in you spamming me and sending lots of notifications?

No. One of the reasons we created this platform is because we don’t like pushy products. Everybody’s inboxes are overflowing, and mobile notifications can be annoying. Our default is to send you a weekly email digest and monthly newsletter. If you want it more or less frequently you can change it in your profile settings.

Will you be charging a membership fee?

No. There is no charge to join the Traversity community. Most of our members already pay fees to be part of professional associations and other organisations. We want to bring these communities together, not create another silo.

How is this funded then?

The community platform is privately funded by us, Traversity Pty Ltd.

Do you accept sponsorship or advertising?

We want to maintain an independent online environment, so we do not promote sponsors or advertising within the general Traversity community. We are able to host sponsored discussion forums within our community platform. Any sponsored discussion forums will be clearly identified and moderated by the sponsoring organisation.

Can all members access all discussion forums?

All of the general Traversity discussion forums are open to signed in members, except for the clinical discussion forum where you can ask questions, share (de-identified) cases and access interdisciplinary peer support.

Our clinical discussion forum is restricted to verified healthcare practitioners and students studying within a health discipline (read only for students). When you register, you’ll be taken to your profile where you can provide evidence of your AHPRA registration or other relevant credential in order to gain access to the forum.

Sponsored discussion forums may be open to the general Traversity community or they may have restricted access, it’s the decision of the sponsor.

Do you moderate the forums?

We will take steps to maintain professional communication standards in line with our community values within all general Traversity discussion forums. Hate speech, trolling, not safe for work (NSFW) content and obscene language will not be tolerated.

I don’t like someone’s comment on my post, will you moderate it?

We believe it’s up to each of us to build and protect a professional online environment. If you are offering a reply or feedback, we ask you to always be kind. If you are being critical, we ask you to focus on the ideas, not the person.
If you are receiving a reply or feedback, we ask you to keep an open mind. Sometimes things in writing do not convey the sentiment with which they were intended. If you get a post that makes you bristle, we encourage you to give the author the benefit of the doubt and consider the possibility that they’re not being personal. If, after that moment you feel the same there is the option to report the post for moderation and we will review it to see if it complies with our community standards.

Can everyone participate in the forums?

No. Some of the forums are visible to the public, but you must be signed in to reply to a post or create a topic. We want this to be a positive online environment. We believe a core part of creating a sense of trust between members is avoiding anonymity and having verified identities.

Do you sell our data?

No. Nobody has access to the data from the community other than its administrators.

Who owns the ideas and content that are posted?

Any ideas and content that is generously shared on this platform are owned by those that contribute them. This platform is to support individuals, organisations and associations in developing and sharing their content, not obtaining IP or copyright.