Five Minute Favours

When you’re working in a hospital there’s always someone around that you can ask a question of. Whether it be to point you in the right direction or to validate that you’re on the right track, peer support is something to be valued.

This is often not the case when you work in the community. You have to make much more of an effort, which takes time. And when you’re self employed, time is extremely valuable.

We want to build a community that supports those who are isolated in their practice because it leads to delivery of better healthcare services. And we do that by encouraging 5 minute favours.

When you’ve got 5 minutes to spare, check out #getting-it-done and see if there are any topics you can contribute to. Maybe its providing a reference, maybe its validating that the person asking can be confident in their understanding and not spend the next 2 hours in a neurotic spiral of Google searches and self doubt. What takes you 5 minutes might save someone a lot more. And you can feel good about that.