Embracing the Misfits

This is an article written by Adam Grant, an organisational psychologist, academic and author. I must be honest, my initial impression of him when I first saw one of his presentations was that he seemed kind of irritating, but his content is solid and thought provoking.

This article shares the story of Pixar, and uniting a team of disgruntled animators together on a project that ended up giving rise to The Incredibles. It connected with me because over the past ten years or so there have been many times where I’ve felt extremely disgruntled and disatisfied with my work. But it never meant that I didn’t care about my work, I just didn’t necessarily feel utilised.

One of my take homes from this article was that dissatisfaction doesn’t always have to give rise to fight or flight; if given the appropriate outlet it can also lead to invention. It wasn’t about getting angry animators in a room to complain about the system. It was about finding the people who felt like their skills weren’t being utilised, their creativity stifled by the environment.

“I want people who are disgruntled because they have a better way of doing things and they are having trouble finding an avenue,”

That’s why Traversity exists. To provide the avenue or outlet for whoever wants to use it. So please, use it however you see fit.