Calling Out for Contributors

The reason this is set up as a discussion forum and not a blog or online newsletter is because I never wanted this to be all about me. My intention has always been that this can act as an open platform for anyone who would like to share their original content or content they’ve found to be useful that others may benefit from.

I’m a strong believer that we learn best by doing. It feels awkward and uncomfortable, sure, but it gets better with time. I like to think of it as learning in public. People may judge me sure, but who cares? I’m giving it a crack and trying to get better - it doesn’t need to be polished and perfect.

One of the side effects I’ve found from utilising this approach has been it makes me feel just a little bit better about my procrastination. Sure, I might still spend way too much time scrolling through Twitter and going down rabbit holes - but by sharing it with others it at least makes it semi-productive.

So please, join me in contributing and sharing stuff that you’ve come across and find interesting. Make your social media habit or reading of online newsletters that bit more worthwhile :slight_smile: