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Wondering what Traversity is all about? This is where you can find out.

Getting it Done

Ultimately, healthcare delivery is about caring for patients. This category is the place to support the people who are getting this important work done.

Meet the Others

Consider this like the cafeteria of a hospital…it might feel like a conversation amongst colleagues but you never know who’s sitting at the table next to you.

Current Events

If you need a break from reading stuff about corona virus then don’t check in to see what’s happening in this thread.

Resource Recommendations

Share the books, podcasts, videos, guidelines, journal articles and any other resources that could benefit others

Learn Always

Learning doesn’t have to come from learning objectives and MCQs. Student mentality + educated peers = learning aplenty.

Interest Groups

Interest groups are open to all members, but organised into categories to make it easier for people to find what they’re interested in.